Total Drama Revenge of the Island LOGO!!

Season Logo

Total Drama Was Thought to Abruptly End With Total Drama World Tour, But Now, a Whole New Cast of 16 Joins to Find Out That They'll Be Going Back to the Old Summer Camp in a Whole New Season, Where Camp Wawanakwa is Now Even More Brutal, and Radioactive! 32 Days, 16 Competitors, One 100 Thousand Dollar Prize on Total Drama Revenge of the Island!


As Continued From Above, There Will Be Different Types of New Challenges Including Rolling Barrels of Toxic Waste, Swimming in Shark Infested Waters With Only a Meat Suit. And Many Other Disturbing Challenges. Just Like Previous Season's, There Will Be an Elimination Ceremony Where The Losers Will Vote and Decide Who Goes Home, But Here's a New Twist, When Your Voted Off at the Rad'io-Active Elimination Ceremony, You Will Not Go Home, Instead You Will Be Sent to Another Island Where Once Another Competitor Joins You, You Two Will Face Off in a Deadly Challenge and the Winner Stays on That Island, While The Other Goes Home, In Some Episodes the Person Remaining on that Island Will Be Able to Return to the Game. The Prize is 100 Grand and the Stakes are High, Who Will WIN!?!


Elimination Table

Voting History

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